Every gift we receive goes straight to the Real LIFE general fund to ensure that all our scholars receive equal support wherever they are.

Here are the ways you can give to Real LIFE:

  1. Online: You may give through credit card, PayPal, or online banking here.

  2. Cash or Check: You may give directly to the Gift Processing Office at the ground floor of Every Nation Building 1, Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also choose to give through the giving envelope at any Victory location across the Philippines. Just fill out the envelope and select Real LIFE. Please make checks payable to Real LIFE.

You may send an email to or call 817-1212 loc. 536 to ask for assistance from our Partner Relations Office.

Our priority is to provide scholarships, so we currently do not have volunteer opportunities for other causes.


Real LIFE helps scholars finish their education by covering their tuition and miscellaneous fees, school-related expenses, and weekly allowances. Real LIFE also prepares its scholars for life by providing character formation and leadership development programs.

To be eligible to receive the Real LIFE scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a Filipino citizen
  • Have a grade weighted average (GWA) of at least 85% or its equivalent in the previous academic year for high school students or the previous semester for college students
  • Have a combined monthly household income of no more than 15,000 PHP
  • Not be married, have children, or be older than 25 years of age
  • Be enrolled at a school recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) or Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  • For high school applicants, be currently studying or willing to transfer to a public school
  • For college applicants, have tuition fees of not more than 15,000 PHP per semester
  • Be willing to undergo our character formation and leadership development programs

Real LIFE values integrity and excellence. In line with this, a scholar is expected to:

  • Have no failing or incomplete grades
  • Not drop any subject or cancel enrollment for the period that the scholar was granted a scholarship
  • Submit a copy of official grades, a prospectus or course curriculum, liquidation reports, official receipts, and other school-related documents
  • Carry the full semestral load as prescribed by the scholar’s school or course curriculum
  • Attend the Monthly Scholars’ Update (MSU) and the weekly LIFE group meetings
  • Actively participate in all activities, programs, and events of Real LIFE in partnership with Every Nation Campus
  • Have a combined monthly household income of 15,000 PHP or below
  • Not be married or have children throughout the scholarship program

You may still apply for a Real LIFE scholarship if your school granted you an academic scholarship that will cover your tuition fees until graduation. If you are accepted into the Real LIFE scholarship program, your weekly allowance and other school-related expenses will be covered by Real LIFE. Otherwise, you have to be willing to transfer to a public or state university to meet the required amount for tuition fees.

The first stage of the application process is a paper screening, where our local center teams review all the application forms and make a shortlist of those who will move on to the next stage.

The second stage is a panel screening, where our local center teams meet with applicants to know them more. Pastors, psychologists, social workers, and campus missionaries are also invited to join the panel screening. After this, the local center teams will make another shortlist of those who are qualified to proceed to the next stage.

The third stage is a home visit for each applicant. This is conducted to verify the information given by applicants in their application forms and panel screenings. This is also an opportunity for our local center teams to meet the applicants' families and explain the scholarship program to them. We value home visits because we want to build partnerships with the families of our scholars and know how we can provide the best support to their child. After the home visits, the local center teams will send the final list of recommended applicants to the Real LIFE National Office.

Once all local center teams have submitted their recommendations, the scholarship team at the Real LIFE National Office will deliberate and select the applicants who will be accepted into the program.

After the last deliberation, chosen applicants will receive a letter from the Real LIFE National Office confirming their acceptance into the scholarship program.

The entire application process runs from January to May each year.

Since Real LIFE grants scholarships per school year instead of per semester, we do not accept applicants in the middle of the school year.

Yes, you may. The scholarship is open to high school and college students from any year level.

Application forms are available at all Real LIFE local centers. You will have to submit your application to the Real LIFE local center nearest to your school.

You can check the list of Real LIFE local centers here.

To enter our scholarship program, you are required to submit the following documents to the Real LIFE local center nearest your school:

  1. General Forms
    • A Real LIFE scholarship application form, completely filled out
    • An official and complete transcript of school records
    • Photocopies of income tax returns (ITR) or monthly pay slips of all earning household members, or a Certificate of Indigency from the barangay hall or the Department of Social Welfare and Development
    • Two reference forms (available at local Real LIFE centers), filled out and signed by an applicant’s class advisor, professor, church leader, or community leader
    • Photocopies of awards and recognitions received from the previous school year, if any
    • Certificates of community service and leadership roles from the previous school year, if any

  2. Requirements for college applicants
    • The official grading system of the applicant’s school with grade equivalents
    • The course curriculum indicating the list of all required subjects to complete the course of study
    • The projected tuition fee for the incoming semester or school year, or an enrollment assessment form

  3. Additional requirements for incoming first-year college applicants
    • Photocopies of reports cards from Grades 11 and 12
    • An admission slip or any proof that the applicant will be enrolled in the requested university

You may send us an email at, so we can connect you to a Real LIFE local center.

No, we do not accept online applications. All applicants must go to the Real LIFE local centers nearest to their schools. Our teams in the local centers will discuss with them the requirements and screening process.

You may submit your application from October to January to be considered for the next school year. Applications are accepted until the end of January.

Our local center teams have weekly meetings with scholars and monthly meetings with parents. They monitor the academic performance and character formation of each scholar under their local center.

An important concern is coursed through an incident report to the National Office scholarship team, who gives counsel to the local center team and makes decisions regarding the case. A scholar with a major offense receives a letter of probation or dismissal from the National Office.

We also partner with Every Nation Campus Philippines for our character formation program. All Real LIFE local centers include campus missionaries in their team.